Baila Blanca in Buenos Aires

I already spent almost two months in Buenos Aires, and one year later I am finally going back there! Just for a short period of time, enough though to be full of sun, tango, fernet and asados…and overall of interviews for Tango Mio And Co.! Some great meetings are planned… you will enjoy!

I am going back to dance in some milongas I know, in some new ones, so I will feel what changed in a year, and write about it! The great news is that on the 25th of December, there will be a special Tango Mio And Co. milonga at the Cachivacheria. El Cachivache is going to play music in vivo, and Pablo Montanelli and Gustavo Garay are also going to play some themes together, after having played already for Baila Blanca!

The last interview of 2014 will be online this week, then you will have to wait until the 14th of January ! Have a great holiday time!!

Photo By: FCO Perez Mendez

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