When I prepared the outline for the Micro Tango section, I wanted the questions to be different from the usual ones. Having people speak with something other than rational thought, touching them and feeling what makes them vibrate… And I realized that this was not so apparent! The answers that I had received up until now had been beautiful and very personal, sincere and touching.

I am coming out of a very difficult period for my tango. I had the feeling that I no longer had access to the emotions I used to feel when I was dancing. I was thinking too much! I needed dozens of tandas to have only one make me vibrate, encouraging me to persevere, reminding me of the magical taste of tango. All of that until a decisive meeting that re-anchored my tango in joy. A true thin-skinned experience!

Tango music is occupying more and more space for me, I listen and try to understand it, to live it. There is always a tango playing in my head to accompany a moment or an emotion. I was thinking that a bottle of perfume could be my symbol of tango: all I need is a small spritz to be taken away to another universe, without any words, to a silent and magical conversation. Something volatile, impossible to catch, but still here. An invisible alchemy can be created with a dancer or a musician, a voice, a note. I remember, during one of my first milongas, I felt terrorized and shy until I saw an Indian teacher dancing with so much passion. There was so much beauty in his embrace that I was dying to dance with him to try to approach it, to skim over this passion. His embrace was intense and so incredible that he made me forget how much of a beginner I was! It was magical and irreversible: I was swept up into tango!

Tango holds such an important place in my life now, it has brought me so much in such a small period of time that I want to give something back, from my very humble level: a fresh look on this world, through my writing. I truly hope that the enthusiasm that I give daily to this project will contribute, in some way, to the tango world.

This website exists today, I am proud of it, and overall I am grateful for all the help I received from different parties. It was happily welcomed!
I always ask people what was their heroic moment. Mine had been to go to Buenos Aires for two months after less than a year of tango. I was crazy! But still, it was a very important step for my tango but also for my personal life. I wish it always will allow for pure emotions.

Today, thanks to Tango Mio and Co, every trip, every tango night, every tanda makes more sense;
I live them more intensely, with greater accuracy. It is wonderful and I hope some people will find themselves in my words, but will also contribute in their way to enrich them thanks to their own experience.