Coming back from Buenos Aires…

« A little bit more than two weeks in Buenos Aires… it is not much, but at the same time enough to feel again this so-special taste of the Argentinian city. It went very fast, but I took my time to dream, walk, enjoy, discover, observe, talk and feel.»

The day I landed, I went to see Astillero for a very special concert in Zona Tango (also a very special place for me, I will tell you about it !) The day after, I saw the performance by the Brothers Macana in the milonga Viva La Pepa. The had not danced together for 6 years in Argentina, so it was pretty emotional. I discovered milongas such as La Bicicleta or La Cachivacheria, I have been again at this DNI school I love so much for their practice and the great quality of their teachers, and I used my high heels in the unavoidable Canning, Viruta, and other big tango places. I listened to concerts in Café Vinilo, Villa Malcolm, saw amazing performances by great artists… There is so much to be discovered ! It is a world perpetually moving, in a constant creation. I met (and could interview some of them) so many great people who belong to this current movement to give a new breath to tango, and this is the idea of Tango Mio And Co. : give the space for talking to these people who are working for tango today. These people who nourish it but overall who feel nourished by it and give it more meaning by each creation or action they make. I visited the local of the 2×4, THE tango Radio of Buenos Aires, pretty spectacular, and I stayed so much in libraries that contain treasuries, books about tango impossible to find in France…

On the 25th of December, we organized a great party to promote Tango Mio and Co. in the milonga La Cachivacheria. Artists got together to promote the project. What an emotion ! Very soon will follow articles, photos and videos, I promise !

I am coming back home dazzled and inspired, feeling so grateful for this suspended moment I could have over there. I am thriving for discovering and knowing more. The immensity, the wealth of tango and the people who are part of it fascinates me. 2014 ended on a piece of tango music, 2015 started dancing. Such a happiness !

Photo By: Baila Blanca
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