« A delicately-skinned souls’ meeting », this is what tango can be, according to me. Joining together two passions: writing and tango, sharing and always learning more and more…

Presentation of Baila Blanca
It was during my first journey to India that I discovered Argentinian tango. It was a shockwave. Since then, I travel and work and live and vibrate for tango. I am still a very young dancer, thirsty for learning, for understanding, for experimenting ever more embraces and musical themes and emotions. I strongly feel that tango enables us to meet sensitive souls. With a lot of humility, I would like to share this experience of true meetings, and propose my own vision of this fascinating world.

Why Baila Blanca?
My name is Blanche, or “Blanca” in Spanish and White in English. “Bahia Blanca” by Di Sarli is one of my favorite tangos, and whenever I hear it or dance on it, I escape, I am somewhere far away. So choosing the pseudonym of “Baila Blanca”, the dancing Blanche, or White Dance was obvious to me…

Presentation of the project

Today tango seems to be a way to free human relationships, to facilitate them and to unmask the true self. It creates links that are beyond cultures, languages, beliefs and social conventions. There is a real international community that grows every day, nourishing the creativity of artists and allows incredible meetings that are sometimes magical.

Tango Mio And Co proposes to write about some true encounters in a very personal and subjective way and to propose one of the very numerous points of view that exist about this culture. It is a community of exchanges, and asking the contribution of the of tango ambassadors (dancers, musicians, composers, singers, designers, illustrators, photographers etc.) seems indispensable and fascinating.
Discovering tango differently as well as those that nourish it, keeping really humble, that is the ambition of Tango Mio And Co. Welcome!