Paula Bearzotti

“First, I am Argentinian, then graphic designer and I also create letters. I lived in Córdoba until 2008, and since then I am living in France, working for both sides of the ocean in developing my activity as a free-lance. I am specialized into editorial designs, institutional communication and into creating websites.

Most of my inspiration I find it in the cultural atmosphere of Toulouse (South of France) where I am dedicated for numerous design and communication projects for many tango and argentinian and Latin-American folklore shows and events.

Surrounded by music, I discovered the connexions there are between poetry and calligraphy… and my letters started to dance.

Tango Mio, I am designing you so Baila Blanca can dance… and with the warm hope that you will be with us… every day.


Photo By: © Illustration Paula Bearzotti

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