What do you see in me ? A tango story

The first time I met Rocio (Lequio) and Bruno (Tombari) was in Buenos Aires in 2014, during their milonga La Mandrilera. They gave a really great show to celebrate the closure of the place before doing some renovations. I had heard about them before as great dancers, but I felt astonished by their performance. It was tango as I have never seen before, telling a story that was soft and touching. They seem to have such a strong connexion through the eyes and gesture… I found again this complicity and this softness when they danced in the Festival de Bilbao. They are creative, inventive, funny. They really are amazing artists.

Next week, they dance and play in a new production I am dying to see, with Juan Manuel Maciel, that is only planned in Buenos Aires for the moment and that seems superb : ¿Que ves en mi ? Una historia de tango.
The story: “Anna and Victor have been one of the greatest tango couple and after years without seeing each other, they decide to meet again. They both secretly want to go back on stage but they will have to face big issues before their dream comes true. This is a piece of work melting theater, dance and music, with some touches of humor and drama.”

Everyone who is in Buenos Aires, please go to see them playing, they are so superb and touching! For the other ones… Let’s pray they will play in Europe soon!

WHERE : Chacarerean Teatre
WHEN : MONDAY 16 & 23 of FEBRUARY, and MONDAY 2 & 9 of MARCH at 9.30 pm.
Interpretes : Rocío Lequio , Bruno Tombari & Juan Manuel Maciel
Original live music by Franco “Chino” Tombari
Lights and audiovisual by Christian Gadea Vestuario, Lourdes Invierno
Graphic design by Mariela Tesconi
Photo, camera and edition by Yael Szmulewicz
Director assistance by Lourdes Invierno
Executive producer : Juan José Divo
Drama and direction : Juan Manuel Maciel

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